Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G stands out from the crowd. The only big-screen foldable phone in the US It can do things other phones can’t, like play, read PDF, and create unique content. Better than any other phone, it can be your only device for most of the day. Like the Galaxy Z Fold2, the only reason we didn’t give the Galaxy Z Fold3 an Editors Choice award is because it’s priced at $1,799, Samsung offers a trade-in. and huge discounts on this phone But a laptop-like laptop isn’t a standard option.

From Note to Fold

The big-screen foldable phone concept was a big hit in 2019, but Samsung is the only US manufacturer still doing so. This is where Huawei pulled out of the game, ZTE tried and pulled it off. LG abandoned the phone. All and foldable phones from Google and Apple are still rumored. Motorola has a RAZR, but it fills another void. (And What Makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Better): A Full-Size Phone That Can Be Folded Down

This year Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is the successor to the completed Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy Note started out as a surprisingly great phone with a stylus for creators and the visually impaired. The market is divided between people who use pens for work. With people who want a big phone for large letters and messages. There are tons of great phones on the market now, so the Fold3 once again takes its performance to the next level. It opens the screen to a new world.
There aren’t any major changes compared to the Galaxy Z Fold2, the most obvious being S Pen support when I laughed at the note because it was too big. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is huge, especially with the extra S Pen holder. Portable notebook or sketchbook A large canvas will not be able to resist. You can also opt for the larger S Pen Pro that can’t be held by your phone. But you can take advantage of a slightly slicker screen a bit more.

otherwise the changes will be minor. The phone is more durable and ultimately waterproof, which is good for protecting your $1,800 investment. The phone is rated IPX8, which means it’s water resistant. But it’s not protected from particles like sand and dust, Samsung says it’s just the price of the hinge. But it also means you shouldn’t leave your phone in the sand at the beach. If you’re concerned about durability, Samsung offers an extended warranty called Samsung Care+ ($12.99/month), which covers accidental damage and replacement of up to three devices for 12 months.
Samsung wants to put most of its cameras under the screen. Of course it’s engineering. But those who are used to it are never bothered by the punches.

A Whole Lot of Phone

Make no mistake, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is a thick and hefty phone, weighing 9.56 grams, which is slightly less than the Z Fold2 but more than other top-of-the-line phones. Dimensions 2.64 x 6.22 x 0.63 inches (HWD) open, 5.04 x 6.22 x 0.25 inches (HWD). ) This is a brick.

But the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G works where the Microsoft Surface Duo can’t, because Samsung understands one key thing about basic phone ergonomics: fat is better than width. Both are flat, making them difficult to use with one hand. And it’s ridiculous to hold your head up, but the inverted Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is thick and narrow. This makes it easier to use with a phone than most smartphones. The 6.2″ 2268×832 external display is 60Hz compared to 120Hz for the 7.6″ 2208×1768 internal display, and it doesn’t support the use of the S Pen, but it’s a full featured screen that runs all apps.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and the whole world will open in front of you. Of course, it’s quite complicated. which is difficult to maintain But it’s worth reading, browsing the web, or using the email app. The screen is still visible and tactile. And the protective film has not yet reached the edge. nothing bothers me especially when the drive is often a guide. It is (but not always) a guide to two-panel interfaces. And when playing, it disappears when you hold the phone at the right angle.

I find it easier to type on an external screen than on an internal screen. But some people find the touch keyboard a little smaller. There are several keyboard options. Each one has a little Goldilocks problem: a small on-screen keyboard on the front. Standard split-screen keyboard on a large screen. So you don’t have to stretch your thumb too much. (But it’s worth it) ). Thumbs up. (On the right side of the screen), center the large screen keyboard. which requires a thumb to expand a bit. At least one size should fit. This depends on your dexterity and the range of your thumbs.


  • Unique folding form factor
  • Enhanced durability and waterproofing
  • S Pen support


  • Very heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Cameras could be better


Operating System Android 11
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Dimensions 5.04 by 6.22 by 0.25 inches

A New Paradigm

To really get to know this phone I have to use it, not a day. but a week and I need my own information I don’t normally upload my personal data to test the phone. But this really changed the way I work.

For example, Chrome now has tabs. In the Android browser, it’s hard to remember which page you opened because it was hidden. So you tend to open multiple duplicate pages. No more: ears!
A whole new multitasking paradigm. Slide the taskbar off the edge of the screen. Then select an application icon to create a split-screen window. It makes sense if you get used to it. But you have to get used to it.

See How We Test Phones

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G reads well. It’s the only phone where you can read a full page of Marvel Unlimited comics, a full-page manga in VIZ, or a full PDF restaurant menu without zooming in. You see more websites or news articles than any other phone.

Contrary to expectations, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G isn’t ideal for watching videos. Its 4:3 screen doesn’t fit in a typical aspect ratio. Unless you’re watching a Snyder Cut or an old TV show. Both of them look good. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is better for storing and watching most videos because it’s brighter and wider.

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